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Linda Chambers - Kibworth Windmill - Market Harborough
Kibworth Windmill


Linda Chambers - Torbole - Italy - Lake Garda
Lane down to Torbole


Linda Chambers - Nago - Italy - Lake Garda
Lane up to Nago

Linda Chambers - The Three Swans - Market Harborough
The Three Swans Inn

Linda Chambers - The Old Grammar School - Market Harborough
The Old Grammar School

Linda Chambers - The Settling Rooms - Market Harborough
Settling Rooms

Linda Chambers - The Council Offices - Market Harborough
Council Offices/Symingtons

Linda Chambers - The Canal Basin - Market Harborough
Canal Basin

Linda Chambers - The Harborough Theatre - Market Harborough
Harborough Theatre

Linda Chambers - The Railway Station - Market Harborough
Market Harborough Railway Station

Linda Chambers - The Angel Hotel - Market Harborough
The Angel Hotel

Linda Chambers - Bottle Kicking between Medbourne and Hallaton - Market Harborough
Bottle Kicking Parade, Hallaton

Linda Chambers - The Farmers Market - Market Harborough
The Farmers Market

Linda Chambers - The Old Town Hall - Market Harborough
The Old Town Hall

Linda Chambers - The High Street - Market Harborough
Market Harborough High Street

Linda Chambers - The Fernie Hunt Great Bowden - Market Harborough
Fernie Hunt, Great Bowden

Linda Chambers - Foxton Locks - Market Harborough
Foxton Locks

Linda Chambers - Harborough Building Society - Market Harborough
Market Harborough Building Society


Linda Chambers - Bank of Bloom
Bank of Bloom

Linda Chambers - Yellow Rose - Market Harborough
Yellow Rose

Linda Chambers - Holiday Home - Wells next the sea
Holiday Home

Linda Chambers, hollyhockLinda Chambers, Gardenia
Hollyhock & Gardenia

Linda Chambers NarcissusLinda Chambers, Lily
Narcissus & Lily

Linda Chambers,  PebblesLinda Chambers - Sunlit Stock
Pebbles & Sunlit Stock


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All images are the copyright of the artist.

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